We are always looking for new ideas and companies to partner with

At Florida Social Capital we are always looking to partner with new Florida and Southeastern U.S.-based startups that have a high Social Impact, and to help them secure growth investment and support their business development opportunities.

What are we looking for?

We are interested to partner with diversified, Post1Seed and Venture stage businesses that deliver more than just profit:

We are looking for companies that generate a Positive social impact on Florida, by addressing a significant unmet need with a unique and compelling approach, driven by a committed and proven management team.

What is the criteria?

Positive Social Impact
on Florida

  • Does your Company do Good for Florida (and the World)?
  • Does your company fit into “Investing in a post-pandemic world”?
  • Is Your Company addressing Florida’s needs, specifically in Healthcare, Education, Food, or Environment & Sustainability?

Unique Opportunities
and Characteristics

  • Does your Company address a significant Growth Opportunity and Unmet Market Need
  • Do you have a Unique Customer Value Proposition, Delivery and Capture?
  • Is your Business Model scalable and Enabled by Proprietary Technology?

Proven Model and
Positive Development

  • Are you post seed, venture stage?
  • Is your Business Model fully Developed, and Tested and do you have First customers secured and generate Revenues?
  • Does your Management Team have significant experience in start-up, operational management, and exit?

Does your company qualify?
Contact us!

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