Examples of FSC Investments in ventures that would help fund:

With a keen focus on benefitting Florida and the Southeastern United States, and unique value-creation, delivery and capture capabilities, Florida Social Capital will be following these key, need-based, growth-centric verticals:

Health Services

Environment & Sustainability

Low Income Housing

Urban Renewal

Elderly Housing and Care

“The Last Mile” services

Underprivileged Legal Services



Examples of FSC Investments in ventures that would help fund:

  • Technologies that could benefit Florida’s wetlands or global warming issues unique to Florida and the Southeastern U.S.
  • Services that could benefit Florida-based elderly with home health testing services
  • Small businesses with unique products made in Florida that could be have potential export markets and creates jobs in Florida
  • Smaller Florida based “brands” of products and services that benefit Florida and the world

Characteristics of FSCF
Platform Companies:

  • Unique Customer Value Proposition, Delivery and Capture
  • Significant Growth Opportunity and Unmet Need
  • Potential Technical Advantage
  • Profitability Model Defined
  • Scalable
  • Does Good for Florida and the World

FSCF Value
Creation Model:

  • Select Growing Technologies or Companies that meet the FSC Mission/Criteria for investment
  • Identify Key Leadership and provide them with Management Expertise
  • Provide key criteria for “Kiss-Kill” to platforms with realistic and attainable measurement
  • Measure, Measure, Measure
  • Focus and Execute